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 THE LIBRARIAN – available now from Amazon (click cover image for Amazon page).

“The Librarian, with a gaunt face and sunken eyes, gestures with two claw-like hands at the place I had come to, where I knew I needed to be…knowing I would never leave again.”

A disheveled writer struggles to finish his story, but is met with an invasion of the feathered kind, while a man takes matters into his own hands, and dishes out gruesome levels of karma; we have someone who struggles to work out if he is dead or alive…or worse; a demonic, skinless terror who lurks in a damp, dark basement, and a cryptic bookish clue causing no end of vile nightmares for an unassuming family. These are among the eight dark tales collected here, all revolving around a mysterious Librarian with horrors unearthed by digging into secrets that should have never been uncovered, and journeys to other-worldly domains which should never be visited. What fears and wonders are held here, and what stories are whispered in the dead of night? And who…or what…is the Librarian?

Grave Matters

GRAVE MATTERS – available now from Amazon (click cover image for Amazon page).

In this collection of dark fiction and verse you will find all types of crime and horror, whether perpetrated by the protagonists or not. Some stories delve into the paranormal and supernatural whilst others are stories to entertain on a different level.


2012 - Toxic Legacy

TOXIC LEGACY – available now from Amazon (click cover image for Amazon page).

In this anthology relationships, the future, the past and décor are all permanently tainted by the action or inaction of the main players; their own histories laid out for all to see. Choose a player, pick a story, and indulge in their nightmare.


2013 - Dead Letters

DEAD LETTERS – available now from Amazon (click cover image for Amazon page).

Writers Anonymous, in the guise of W.A. Gruppe, brings another collection of dark fiction to the masses. With a postmaster targeting a new clerk for a special mission into the unknown, train journeys of life and death, trials of sanity, dead people avoiding libel and writing to the national newspapers. And email recipients instructed to murder for the sake of their family.

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