About the Group

Writers Anonymous brings together a number of writers all from different backgrounds and disciplines…

PAUL BUNN became interested in writing whilst watching the TV one night…no, seriously! Sitting there looking at some bland programme which he can’t even remember, he had this sudden urge to write and so, not having a typewriter (this was a bit before personal computers were common place), he got out a pen and notepad and wrote down what was in his head. His first successful publication was a short story in a (now defunct) magazine called Thirteen. After spending time on a writing course with other like-minded individuals he co-created Writers Anonymous and has been creating dark tales for publication with them ever since.

COLIN BUTLER, born in Tottenham, but a life-long Arsenal supporter, lived in Thorpe Bay and was married with two sons and six grandchildren. After retiring from a career in Local Government, he took a creative writing course. In addition to writing short stories, he also enjoyed writing poetry and had an anthology published under the title Views from the Estuary, Colin was also a keen photographer and bowler. Sadly, he passed away in 2015 but Writers Anonymous will endeavour to posthumously publish his poetry in future collections.

JAMIE EVANS is a young writer and filmmaker living in Essex but hailing originally from the East Midlands. He began writing his first stories on an old computer at his parents’ house. These early works are (thankfully) lost to the ravages of time. Like many first stories they weren’t very good but provided a foundation upon which he has (hopefully) improved over time. Please visit www.impalafilms.net

SANDRA MAYNARD, aside from her family, says that writing is her main passion. One of the modules in her Open University degree was ‘Creative Writing’ and since then she hasn’t put her pen down! She loves creating dark, macabre stories with a twist and is thrilled to be a part of Writers Anonymous. Sandra always looks forward to sharing her sinister thoughts and inspirations.

DAVID SHAER is a numerically-challenged chartered accountant whose main ambition was to get past writing unpublishable letters to The Times. He played rugby during five decades but was only ever going to be the player most likely to be lent to the opposition if they were short. He also needs a large atlas when driving, but only to see over the steering wheel. David was starting to get a complex about life when he was ejected from French evening classes, so joined a creative writing course and now wants you to judge whether he should go back and start again!

ELLIOT THORPE had always been told since school that he had a flair for writing but never quite believed it until, after years upon years of countless short stories and false starts, was finally commissioned to write Doctor Who – Cryptobiosis starring Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. He has previously worked for Starlog and written for the sites Den of Geek, Shadowlocked and Doctor Who TV as well as for Encore, the magazine for the theatre professional. In 2013, his first novel Cold Runs the Blood was published by Grosvenor House Publishing and he contributed to and co-edited 2015’s Seasons of War: Tales from a Time War, an anthology based on Doctor Who. He also has contributions in the short story collections The Extraordinary Lives of People Who Never Existed (2015) and Doctor Who – A Time Lord for Change (2016). The biography Just Dino – A Personal Recollection of Dean Martin is scheduled for publication by Chinbeard Books in 2017. Further, he has a long-term working relationship with The Definitive Rat Pack and is a regular contributor to the San Francisco-based magazine Search. Please visit elliotthorpe.wordpress.com.



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